Ph : +91 9947585702
who we are
Our Education Service started on 2011 with the aim of effective teaching methods .
where we serve
Our services are available any where in south india for all types of institutes.
whom we serve
Our services are available for groups, institutes , clubs and political parties.
Welcome to 3 DAY ENGLISH is a unique learning system under Edu Spot academy, which follows a different teaching method for learning language. Mainly we follow the natural method of linguistic psychology to teach any language. Nature has given us an inborn quality to study languages. Unfortunately many language teachers fail to explore it and also ignorant about this in born quality. If you are with us, you will speak English with in 3 days. Formal education is not a bar to speak English. If you don’t know "ABCD" of English, we will help you to reach 'XYZ''. The students will be categorized depending up on their language ability and put under the same group. Training for public speaking is yet another programme with the vision of promoting effective communication and to create positive,

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